What can I bring in to a concert at Cain Park?

You can pack a picnic basket and bring it in! But Ohio state law and local ordinance prohibit bringing your own alcoholic beverages to Cain Park. The concession area sells wine, beer, coffee, soft drinks, and snacks. All carry-in items and coolers, including purses, will be checked by staff at the gates.  Items not permitted: bringing your own alcoholic beverages, glass items of any kind, pets (excluding service animals), cameras, recording devices of any type, candles (including incense or any type of burning insect repellant). You will be asked to return any unauthorized items to your vehicle or you can check them in at the Main Ticket Office and pick them up at the end of the concert or performance. Cain Park assumes no risk for these items.

If you've got lawn seats for an Evans Amphitheater concert, you can bring lawn chairs, sand chairs or a blanket. Lawn chairs are not permitted on the front part of the lawn seating area.  They are only permitted in the designated location halfway up the sloped lawn seating area. 

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