Duo Anime

duo Anime is a percussion duo created by Andrew Pongracz and Mell Csicsila. They have presented programs for many performing arts organizations including the Musical Arts Association, the Logan Series at Behrend College, the Cleveland International Piano Competition, the Cleveland Composers Guild, the Percussion Marketing Council, and the Local 4 Music Fund. Their repertoire includes contemporary percussion works, transcriptions of classic music written for other mediums, and new works written expressly for them.

Their current repertoire includes works by composers like Daniel Dorff, Bertold Hummel, Karl Kohn, Marta Ptaszynska, Wayne Siegel, and Nancy Van de Vate, and transcriptions resetting music from the last 300 years of music history.

Funding is provided by the Local 4 Music Fund, Leonard DiCosimo, president and the Music Performance Trust Fund.