Out of the Shadows

New Paintings by Eileen Dorsey
July 9-September 12, 2021
Opening: Friday, July 9, 3-8pm
Artist Reception: Friday, July 9, 5-7pm

Eileen Dorsey Eileen Dorsey will be The Feinberg Gallery featured artist this summer.  These new works are an invitation to view  her and her paintings in a new light.  Out of the Shadows reflects where Eileen has been as an artist and where she is going and where she wants to go. Eileen is as at a crossroads as an artist for being known for one thing while her artistic instincts take her in a different direction. Though there is a through-line from her well known work to what she has produced for Out of the Shadows, it is clear that she is ready to forge a different path that has been built on the strong foundations of her past paintings. Eileen’s new paintings feature figures, faces, spaces, and hidden symbolism, ready to be found by the viewer. There is a familiarity to the featured works but also a new autobiographical twist as she faces transition in both in her personal and professional life.

Eileen Dorsey Studio is located in the 78th Street Studios.
1305 West 80th St. #105 Cleveland, OH 44102
Hours: By Appointment

Cain Park Curator: Michelle Barnicky Stachnik

The Target of His Disaffection

The Target of His Disaffection by Eileen Dorsey


Shrouded by Eileen Dorsey

With a Snap of My Fingers

With a Snap of My Fingers by Eileen Dorsey