W.A.L.L.S: Women Artists Lifting, Leading & Supporting

Meghan Calvert | Maggie Denk-Leigh | Bette Drake | Jacquie Wynn Kennedy | Kim Menapace | Jeni Stovicek Marsha Sweet

In this wave of women rising, we would like to celebrate women artists by not only featuring their art but recognizing the important role they have in lifting one another up.  As a female curator, I began thinking about how I got where I am and, upon looking back at every turn, there was a woman who nudged me along, lifted me up, and encouraged me to keep moving forward.  This exhibit was born out of that concept. I approached a number of artists with whom I have worked and asked them to nominate a fellow female artist who they respected and would like to exhibit alongside. The women featured in this exhibit are not only making bold statements with their art but also are actively supporting women artists in their careers through teaching, activism, and collaboration. This exhibit features seven female artists at different stages in their careers and still growing in their artistic journey. Exhibition Statement by Michelle Barnicky Stachnik, Curator

June 14-July 1, 2018, Feinberg Art Gallery
Open 1 hour before events and through intermission
Opening reception Friday, June 15 from 6 to 8pm

Maggie Denk-Leigh

Image by Maggie Denk Leigh

Bette Drake

Image by Bette Drake

Jacquie Wynn Kennedy

Image by Jacquie Wynn Kennedy

Kim Menapace

Image by Kim Menapace

Jeni Stovacek

Image by Jeni Stovicek

Marsha Sweet

Image by Marsha Sweet