Charlie Mosbrook & Rebecca Wohlever

Image of Charlie Mosbrook & Rebecca Wohlever

For over 25 years, folk music has had an enthusiastic and dedicated voice in Charlie Mosbrook. His rich baritone voice and noteworthy fingerstyle guitar work highlight his performance of original and traditional folk songs, along with his nimble and candid stage presence. A native and resident of Northeast Ohio, Charlie began his career as a busker, performing familiar and original folk songs on street corners and subway platforms throughout the eastern US. 

He has performed on the same bill as CSN, Jewel, Iris Dement, David Bromberg, Suzzy and Lucy Wainwright Roche, Chris Whitley, Dan Bern and many others. In early 2010, Charlie suffered a spinal cord injury, limiting his mobility significantly. The injury forced him to adapt as a guitarist. This need to reinvent his technique led to a burst of creativity resulting in five new CDs. Once a month he performs for the patients at MetroHealth Cleveland’s Spinal Cord Injury Unit, where he was treated, sharing his experience and message of strength and hope.

Songwriting has always been a part of Rebecca Wohlever’s life. She taught herself to play guitar at the end of high school and continued writing poems and songs during college. Becoming a mother shifted her focus from music to family for many years but the songs kept coming. Born out of personal experience and growing up surrounded by nature, Rebecca finally recorded All the Sycamores while pregnant with her third child. These songs are inspired by her life as well as emotional, social and environmental issues. Her second full-length album, Star Money, came out in 2016. When she’s not making music, you can find her chasing children, teaching yoga, cooking, reading, and gardening.