GroundWorks Dancetheater

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Returning to Cain Park's Alma Theater for its 16th summer series, GroundWorks DanceTheater brings its newest collaboration with ChamberFest Cleveland. This very special live music and dance program moves through time highlighting significant moments from the chamber music canon — a meditation on the nature of inspiration. Also featured will be newly commissioned work from Banning Bouldin, founder of New Dialect in Nashville, Tennessee.

This year's program features the World Premiere of Chronos with choreography by Banning Bouldin who writes: " The ancient Greeks had 3 different terms to describe time: Chronos (the ticking clock), Kairos (quality time) and Aion (eternity). Each word speaks to time as a monotonous force that drives us into the future, the series of meaningful moments that make up our pasts, or a mysterious influence that is unbounded to our linear experience of the past, present, and future. To create Chronos, I used rule games derived from each of these different concepts to build a movement language with the dancers. We used these vocabularies to physicalize tableaus of our collective experience - that time is meaningful, powerful, and at times unfathomable."

Artistic Director David Shimotakahara choreographed al-one in collaboration with ChamberFest Cleveland. Shimotakahara writes: "I was so intrigued by Diana and Frank Cohen's idea of linking together a collection of pieces from the chamber music canon they felt were significant by who composed them, or what was happening in the world when they were composed...It made me think about the proces of creative endeavor. Where does the spark of a new idea come from, how does it emerge? What is at the heart of our ability to image and wonder in new and different ways? How are we connected through that process through time?"