Summer Internships - Cain Park Internship Program

Since its inception in the late 1930s, Cain Park has been a training ground for people interested in pursuing careers in theater and the arts. Cain Park / The City of Cleveland Heights offers an Internship Program for energetic and devoted students of theater production and administration. It's open to adults, graduate students, and undergraduate students at least 20 years of age, who have completed at least 50% of their college degree credits.

Cain Park asks interns for a 12-week commitment. Internships can start as early as the beginning of May and can run until mid-August. Credit hours can be earned for the Internship Program depending on your school's rules and requirements.

Candidate Requirements

Candidates needs to provide a cover letter indicating area of interest, a resume of experience, three letters of recommendation, and three additional references (including name, current full address, area code / phone number and/or email address).

Requirement List

  • 20 Years of Age and Older
  • Can Provide Own Room/Board and Transportation Expenses
  • Can Work Unsupervised for Periods of Time
  • Energetic Self-Starter
  • Has Completed 50% of General Degree Requirements and 2 Courses in Specific Area of Interest
  • Has Desire to Make Contribution to Vital and Unique Arts Organization
  • Works Well With People in Person and Over Phone

Please note that internships are unpaid positions.


To apply, please send:

  • 3 Additional References Including Name, Current Full Address, Area Code / Phone Number and Email
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • A Cover Letter Indicating Area of Interest
  • Your Resume of Experience

Send all of these by April 1 to:

Erin Cameron Miller, Cain Park General Manager


Call Erin Cameron Miller at 216-291-5796 or email

Internships are available in the following areas: