Admission & Policies

Refund Policy

Artists who've been accepted to the Arts Festival and decide not to participate need to send a written withdrawal request by May 13, 2022 either via snail mail to:
40 Severance Circle
Cain Park Arts Festival
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Or you can do this by faxing to the attention of Cain Park Arts Festival at 216-291-3705 or by email.

Non-compliance will result in expulsion and ineligibility for judging, awards and participation in future festivals:

  1. All work exhibited must be original, designed and produced by, or under the direct supervision of, the exhibiting artist. The following are considered original work when properly signed and numbered:
    1. Hand-pulled prints in which the litho stones, plates or screens are also produced by the artist;
    2. Original serigraphs, monoprints, wood or other block prints, and other similar print techniques, in which both the print and screens are produced by the artist;
    3. Photography that is created, processed, manipulated and printed by the exhibiting artist.
  2. Signed and numbered digital or mechanical prints are allowed in one display bin only. These prints/reproductions/giclees cannot be hung on your booth walls.
  3. Artists must be present with their work the full three days except in cases of serious personal emergency, shutdown by Festival authorities because of a catastrophe, or by special arrangement with the Arts Festival Director.
  4. Artists may only exhibit one art medium in their booth and it must be in the category in which they were accepted and of a style and quality comparable to the work shown on their application slides.
  5. Exhibitors may not sell promotional items such as postcards, notecards, calendars and/or t-shirts, nor any non-original promotional items.
  6. Artists are responsible for proper insurance and protection of work and set-up. The City of Cleveland Heights and Festival management assume no responsibility for loss or damage to artists' property from any cause.
  7. Artists must have an Ohio transient vendors license to sell at Cain Park (application included in Info Packet mailed end of May).
  8. No overnight camping and no pets allowed in Cain Park.
  9. The current sales tax in Cuyahoga County is 8% and must be collected.

Inadmissible Work

  • Buy-sell art, imported art, workshop art or mass-produced items.
  • Traditional craft items including, but not confined to: pysanky and hex art, dried flowers, floral arrangements, decoupage, macramé, crocheting, millinery, velvet paintings, music as an art form (musical instruments may be accepted at the discretion of the jury, which will judge them on the basis of artistic merit but no concertizing is allowed within the booth).
  • Living plants, tents, hammocks, camping gear, luggage or similar items as an art form.
  • Work produced from dies, casts or molds.
  • Art based on embellishing commercially produced items such as painting, stitchery or appliqués on commercially produced garments.
  • Decoration on commercially produced furniture, or reconstructed or embellished structural/architectural components.