2017 Arts Festival artists & award winners

Booth 112 Einat Agmon, Buffalo, New York (jewelry) Judges' Selection
Booth 15 Don Ament, Lexington, Kentucky (photography)
Booth 52 Regis and Kellie Anke, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (home decor items)
Booth 22 Josh Axelrod, Roxbury, Vermont (photography)
Booth 88 Ruby Ballard-Harris, Indianapolis, Indiana (fiber, wearable art)
Booth 144 Jennifer Baskin, Hudson, Ohio (jewelry/metals)
Booth 44 Adrienne Blum, Earlysville, Virginia (enamel)
Booth 124 David W. Bordine, Bay Village, Ohio (glass)
Booth 30 January and Vince Bowden, Big Prairie, Ohio (metal and glass)
Booth 140 John Boyett, North Canton, Ohio (blown glass)
Booth 16 Craig Brabson, Nashville, Tennessee (fine art photography)
Booth 108 Russ Brunn, Cleveland, Ohio (mixed media cityscape art) Judges' Selection
Booth 127 Neil Claypoole, Kempton, Pennsylvania (wood)
Booth 59 Derek Collins, Memphis, Indiana (painting/acrylic)
Booth 113 April Couch, Akron, Ohio (pen and ink drawings) Judges' Selection
Booth 132 Jenn Crisan, Sharon, Pennsylvania (acrylic paintings)
Booth 121 Robert Crombie, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (oils on canvas)
Booth 114 Benita Cullinan, Solon, Ohio (fiber)
Booth 10 KerryCumpstone, Chagrin Falls, Ohio (ink, Japanese paper, transparencies)
Booth 115 Joe Dagostino, Sagamore Hills, Ohio (film photography)
Booth 137 Serena and Don David, Cleveland, Ohio (cast glass and silver jewelry) Judges' Selection
Booth 5 Chris Deighan, Cleveland, Ohio (original drawing, print making) Judges' Selection
Booth 9 Alexander Draven, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (jewelry/timepieces) Judges' Selection
Booth 20 David Ellison, St. Claire Shores, Michigan (clay/ceramic)
Booth 33 Shari Escott, Twinsburg, Ohio (mixed media)
Booth 133 Robert Fannin, Dayton, Ohio (acrylic paintings)
Booth 73 David Fernandez, Seagrove, North Carolina (clay)
Booth 42 Robert B.Garrett, Vermilion, Ohio (wood/turning) Directors' Choice
Booth 146 Cydney Gintert, Warren, Ohio (glass)
Booth 136 Lizz Godfroy, Cincinnati, Ohio (jewelry) Artist-to-Artist Award
Booth 21 Stan Goldberg, Louisville, Kentucky (photography)
Booth 34 Robert N Goldthwaite, Kent, Ohio (handmade windsor chairs)
Booth 110 Michael Greenwald, Cleveland Heights, Ohio (oil paintings) Directors' Choice
Booth 39 Nancy J.Gregg, Stow, Ohio (oils)
Booth 11 Robbie Grodin and Bridget Roush, Chagrin Falls, Ohio (fiber - nuno felted wearable art)
Booth 77 John Gulyas and Maryanne Posch, Cleveland Heights, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 126 Mike Guyot, Strongsville, Ohio (drawing)
Booth 28 Mitzi Hall, Irwin, Pennsylvania (mixed media)
Booth 86 Kris Halter, Akron, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 131 Bobby Harr, Phoenix, Arizona (fused and kiln-formed glass)
Booth 102 Jane Heater, Massillon, Ohio (photography)
Booth 129 Janeth C.Hemmerling, Hilliard, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 100 Stuart Henderlich, Madison, Ohio (wood)
Booth 27 David and KeikoHergesheimer, Yellow Springs, Ohio (ceramics)
Booth 90 Marianne Hite, Uniontown, Ohio (fused glass)
Booth 6 Jeneen Hobby, Cleveland, Ohio (photography)
Booth 47 James Hoggard, Fredonia, New York (photography)
Booth 128 Debbi Homola, Novelty, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 134 Daniel Horne, Sharon, Pennsylvania (sculpture) 1st Prize
Booth 3 Lloyd Hughes, Lexington, Kentucky (metal)
Booth 32 Patrick Hyland, Youngstown, Ohio (photography)
Booth 130 Carlos A. Iglesias, Miami, Florida (jewelry)
Booth 84 Donna Ischo, Canton, Ohio (wearable art)
Booth 7 Diana Woehni Juratovac, Columbus, Ohio (fused glass)
Booth 63 Jenn Buddie Karas, Findlay, Ohio (fiber)
Booth 104 Richard Kolb, Louisville, Kentucky (metal sculpture)
Booth 78 Robert W Kovatich, Strongsville, Ohio (photography: landscapes, city scapes, panoramas)
Booth 83 Sarah Krisher, Warren, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 71 Elaine Lamb, Medina, Ohio (ceramics) 2nd Prize
Booth 97Sandra Lang and Walter Weil, Groveport, Ohio (ceramics)
Booth 65 Jim Lanza, Cleveland, Ohio (wood/photography)
Booth 75 John Lee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2D painting, mixed media)
Booth 58 Valerie Lesiak, Rocky River, Ohio (digital illustration and painting)
Booth 95 Annette Poitau Levine, Oberlin, Ohio (oil abstract painting)
Booth 111 Zenia Lis, Broadview Heights, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 139 Jon C. Lund, Hudson, Ohio (digitally hand-drawn and painted images)

Booth 91 Kristina Malcolm, New Franklin, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 123 Donna Marchetti, Cleveland Heights, Ohio (hand-dyed and painted textiles)
Booth 125 Janice Mariano, Hudson, Ohio (mixed media jewelry)
Booth 31 Jessica Maron, Shaker Heights, Ohio (acrylic and oil paint on canvas)
Booth 13 Neal James Martin, University Heights, Ohio (ceramic stoneware)
Booth 24 Joe Martino, Louisville, Ohio (2D mixed media)
Booth 141 Mike Maydak, Covington, Kentucky (painting)
Booth 64 Susan A. McCormack, Ellicotville, New York (sculpture)
Booth 120 Robert McLaughlin, Irwin, Pennsylvania (photography)
Booth 19 Brendan R. McMeechan, Madison, Ohio (hand-carved natural stone objects)
Booth 17 Erica Montejo, Lakewood, Ohio (fine jewelry)
Booth 51 Cara Morris, Charlotte, North Carolina (fiber)
Booth 87 Katie Mullins, Seville, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 45 Toni Murray, Corry, Pennsylvania (clay)
Booth 48 Robert Myrvall, Bark River, Michigan (furniture/wood)
Booth 2 Marcy Neiditz, Bloomington, Indiana (ceramics)
Booth 41 Pam Niccum, Carmel, Indiana (fused glass)
Booth 12 Robert Nilsson, Sebastian, Florida (precious metal jewelry)
Booth 89 Russ O'Brien, Stow, Ohio (blown glass)
Booth 92 TeriOja, Enola, Pennsylvania (mixed media - thread paintings) 3rd Prize
Booth 61 Cari Okrez, Chagrin Falls, Ohio (jewelry) Judges' Selection
Booth 37 Kyoung-Joa Park, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (wearable fiber)
Booth 38 Carolyn Parker, Poland, Ohio (fiber art - fabric pottery)
Booth 8 Pamela Pastoric, Willoughby, Ohio (fine jewelry) Judges' Selection
Booth 118 Peter Patterson, Mundelein, Illinois (glass) Judges' Selection
Booth 68 Kristin Perkins, Ypsilanti, Michigan (jewelry) Judges' Selection
Booth 40 Melanie Perzel, Cleveland, Ohio (mixed media)
Booth 67 Glenn Petranek, North Olmsted, Ohio (photography)
Booth 142 Ronnie Phillips, Lithonia, Georgia (mixed media)
Booth 54 Matthew Platz, Chippewa Lake, Ohio (photography) Judges' Selection
Booth 138 JoAnn LeardiPortnoy, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (watercolor painting)
Booth 55 Bob Pozarski, Akron, Ohio (glass, leaded art glass windows)
Booth 79 Daniel G.Pruitt, Lakewood, Ohio (fused glass)
Booth 101 TR Reed, Chattanooga, Tennessee (sculpture)
Booth 35 William Reichert, North Olmsted, Ohio (wire-wrapped jewelry)
Booth 116 Laurie Reydman, Cleveland, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 57 Courtney B. Richie, Gallipolis, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 26 Linda B. Romick, Nashville, Indiana (artisan sterling silver jewelry)
Booth 81 Liz Sabo, Lakewood, Ohio (wearable fiber) Judges' Selection
Booth 80 Marcus Schafer, Canton, Ohio (laser-cut wood, acrylic) Judges' Selection
Booth 36 Regula Seufert, Lawtons, New York (jewlery / glass)
Booth 49 Deborah Shapiro, Fairlawn, Ohio (mixed media) Judges' Selection
Booth 18 Bob Shelton, Maineville, Ohio (watercolor paintings)
Booth 143 Sonja M.Sheriff, Columbus, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 93 Eric J. Silverman, Cleveland Heights, Ohio (photography)
Booth 23 Heather Smotzer, Westlake, Ohio (jewelry/metalsmithing) Judges' Selection
Booth 135 Aly Stacy, New Richmond, Ohio (wearable fiber)
Booth 56 Linda K. Surace, Columbiana, Ohio (non-wearable fiber: handwoven rugs)
Booth 29 Carrie Taylor, Chicago, Illinois (sterling silver and copper jewelry)
Booth 46 WillieTrejbal & Helena Bizonova, Wappingers Falls, New York (handcrafted gemstone jewelry)
Booth117 Gail Trunick, Burghill, Ohio (mixed media) Judges' Selection
Booth 66 Jeremy Tugeau, Cleveland Heights, Ohio (oil on canvas) Judges' Selection
Booth 82 Shelley Vail, Bay Village, Ohio (paintings)
Booth 60 Sarah VanTol, Midland, Michigan (glass)
Booth 62 Dan Westfall, Houston, Texas (photography)
Booth 94 Carolyn and Leonard Wilson, McHenry, Illinois (glass)
Booth 43 Kendra Wood, Shaker Heights, Ohio (mixed media) Judges' Selection
Booth 148 Donald Woods, Brunswick, Ohio (watercolor, acrylic painting)
Booth 76 Deborah Woolfork, Solon, Ohio (jewelry) Judges' Selection
Booth 119 RuthWright, Columbia, Missouri (non-metal jewelry)
Booth 99 Courtney Yoakum, Columbus, Ohio (jewelry)
Booth 74 Charlie Yowell, Dunlap, Tennessee (sculpture)