2016 Arts Festival artists & award winners

Artists' Websites, Hometowns & Awards

Carol Adams, Lake Worth, FL, (Jewelry) 64
Einat Agmon
, Buffalo, NY, (Jewelry) 128
Regis and Kellie Anke, Pittsburgh, PA, (Home Decor) 52
Lisa Aronzon, Broadway, VA, (Glass) 3
Catherine Aulick, Pittsburgh, PA, (Jewelry) 12
Josh Axelrod, Roxbury, VT, (Photography) 20 Directors' Choice
Katie Balas, Wooster, OH (Painting) 66
Ruby Ballard-Harris, Indianapolis, IN, (Fiber and Leather) 88 Judges' Selection
Dennis Balogh, Broadview Heights, OH, (Photography) 113
Heidi Barron, Ada, MI, (Glass) 124
Jennifer Baskin, Hudson, OH, (Jewelry) 144
Adrienne Blum
, Earlysville, VA, (Enamel) 44
Pat Bolgar, Valley City, OH, (Jewelry) 17
January and Vince Bowden
, Big Prairie, OH, (Sculpture) 30
John Boyett
, North Canton, OH, (Glass) 140
Craig Brabson
, Nashville, TN, (Photography) 39 Judges' Selection
Michele Cimprich, Akron, OH, (Photography) 62
Neil Claypoole and Jonathan Simons
, Kempton, PA, (Wood) 127
Robert Coby
, Cleveland, OH, (Glass) 104
Keith Culley, Springfield, OH, (Jewelry) 125
Chris Deighan, Sagamore Hills, OH, (Drawings and Prints) 5
Marsha Dingeldein, Willoughby Hills, OH (Fiber and Leather) 63 Judges' Selection
Riley Dunbar, Napoleon, OH (Photography) 73
David Ellison, St. Clair Shores, MI, (Clay) 18
Dolores Fawkes, Ruther Glen, VA, (Jewelry) 9
Patti Fields, Shaker Hts., OH, (Jewelry) 69 Directors' Choice
Carolyn Frankel, Orange, OH, (Painting) 49
Cydney Gintert, Warren, OH, (Glass) 140
Lizz Godfroy, Cincinnati, OH, (Mixed Media) 136
Stan Goldberg, Louisville, KY, (Photography) 25
Robert Goldthwaite, Kent, OH, (Wood) 34 Judges' Selection
Ryan Gothrup, Mt. Juliet, TN, (Glass) 131
Yumiko Goto, Lakewood, OH, (Wood) 139 Judges' Selection
Robbie Grodin and Bridgette Roush, Chagrin Falls, OH, (Fiber and Leather) 11
Mike Guyot, Strongsville, OH, (Drawing and Print) 126
Kris Halter, Akron, OH, (Jewelry) 86
Jane Heater, Massillon, OH, (Photography) 115 Judges' Selection
Janeth Hemmerling, Hilliard, OH, (Jewelry) 129
Dave and Keiko Hergesheimer, Yellow Springs, OH, (Clay) 27 Judges' Selection
Marianne Hite, Uniontown, OH, (Glass) 90
Jeneen Hobby, Cleveland, OH, (Photography) 6
Bethany Homrighaus, Mentor, OH, (Jewelry) 137
Patrick Hyland, Youngstown, OH, (Photography) 32
Carlos A. Iglesias, Miami, FL, (Jewelry) 53
Suzanne Juneau, Scott, LA, (Jewelry) 45
Diana Juratovac, Columbus, OH, (Glass) 7
Jeremy Keller and Mary Ennis, Lewisville OH, (Clay) 37
Nancy Kerstetter, Louisville, OH, (Clay) 123
George Kocar, Bay Village, OH, (Painting) 41
Robert W Kovatich, Strongsville, OH, (Photography) 93 Judges' Selection
Stacey Krantz, Braddock Heights, MD, (Jewelry) 29
Sarah Krisher, Warren, OH, (Jewelry) 83
Elaine Lamb, Medina, OH, (Clay) 71 Judges' Selection
Jim Lanza, Cleveland, OH, (Wood/Photography) 85
John Lee, Pittsburgh, PA, (Panting) 75
Valerie Lesiak, Rocky River, OH, (Digital Illustration) 10
Tanya Leslie, Boones Mill, MD, (Clay) 26
David and Carolyn Levy, Davis, CA, (Wood) 100
Zenia Lis, Broadview Heights, OH, (Jewelry) 111
Jon C. Lund, Hudson, OH, (Drawing and Print) 99
Kristina Malcolm, Clinton, OH, (Jewelry) 91
Donna Marchetti, Cleveland Heights, OH, (Fiber and Leather) 11
Howard Markowitz, South Euclid, OH, (Painting) 65
Jessica Maron, Shaker Heights, OH, (Painting) 31
Karen Martin, Seville, OH, (Painting) 9
Joe Martino, Louisville, OH, (2-D Mixed Media) 22
Susan McCormack, Ellicottville, NY, (Sculpture) 13
Robert McLaughlin, Irwin, PA, (Photography) 120
Brendan R. McMeechan, Madison, OH, (Sculpture) 19
Craig S Megyes, Barberton, OH, (Photography) 47
Helma Mezey, Cocoa, FL, (Jewelry) 35 Judges' Selection
Tiffany Mielcarek, Lakewood, OH, (Photography) 102


Stephanie Miller-Davis, Chagrin Falls, OH, (Clay) 134
Rishar Miranda, Lake Worth, FL, (Jewelry) 68
Kate Morgan, Columbus, OH, (2-D Mixed Media) 4
Katie Mullins, Seville, OH, (Jewelry) 87
Donna Mundschau, Mainstee, MI, (Fiber and Leather) 38
Toni Murray, Corry, PA, (Clay) 45 Judges' Selection
Robert Myrvall, Bark River, MI, (Wood) 48
Randy Napier, Grafton, ND, (Photography) 15
Marcy Neiditz, Bloomington, IN, (Clay) 2 Judges' Selection
Paula Nettleship, Pittsburgh, PA, (Jewelry) 18
Mike O, Cheektowaga, NY, (Sculpture) 60
Russell O'Brien, Stow, OH, (Glass) 89
Teri Oja, Enola, PA, (Mixed Media) 92 2nd Prize
Cari Okrez, Chagrin Falls, OH, (Jewelry) 61
Brian and Kelly Orlando, Mentor, OH, (Clay) 74
Harrison Otalor, Wilmington, DE, (Wood) 71
Kyoung-Joa Park, Rochelle Park, NJ, (Wearable Fiber accessories) 81
Lori Pastor, Cleveland, OH, (Jewelry) 80
Pamela Pastoric, Willoughby, OH, (Jewelry) 8
Peter Patterson, Mundelein, IL, (Glass) 118
Kristin Perkins, Ypsilanti, MI, (Jewelry) 10
Melanie Perzel, Cleveland, OH, (Mixed Media) 40
Glenn Petranek, North Olmsted, OH, (Photography) 67
Ronnie Phillips, Lithonia, GA, (2-D Mixed Media) 142
Stephanie Pierson-Hutson, Fishers, IN, (Sculpture) 42
Matthew Platz, Chippewa Lake, OH, (Photography) 54
Annette Poitau, Oberlin, OH, (Painting) 95
Joann Leardi Portnoy, Pittsburgh, PA, (Painting) 138 Judges' Selection
Maryann Posch and John Gulyas, Cleveland Heights, OH, (Jewelry) 77
Bob Pozarski, Akron, OH, (Glass) 55
Daniel G. Pruitt, Lakewood, OH, (Glass) 79
Tom Radca, Port Washington, OH, (Clay) 125
TR Reed, Chattanooga, TN, (Sculpture) 101 Judges' Selection
Laurie Reydman, Cleveland, OH, (Jewelry) 116
Courtney B. Richie, Gallipolis, OH, (Jewelry) 57
S Robbie and Gail Robinson, Chicago, IL, (Fiber and Leather) 135
Judy Rohrbaugh, Bellefonte, PA, (Clay) 56
Linda Bell Romick, Nashville, IN, (Jewelry) 28
Jeff Rottman, Gran Rapids, MI, (Clay) 59
Barbara Rubright, Shelby Twp. MI, (Fiber and Leather) 33 Judges' Selection
Gail Russell, Sunbury, OH, (Clay) 51
Nicole Renee Ryan, Mercer, PA, (Painting) 131 Judges' Selection
Liz Sabo, Lakewood, OH, (Fiber and Leather) 84 Judges' Selection
Thomas Sanders, Bowling Green, OH, (Photography) 29
Katherine Graham Sarlson, Beachwood, OH, (Fiber and Leather) 114
Jean Schnell, Cleveland Heights, OH, (Photography) 78
William A. Shearrow, Canton, OH, (Clay) 112 Judges' Selection
Bob Shelton, Maineville, OH, (Painting) 16 Judges' Selection
Sonja M. Sheriff, Columbus, OH, (Jewelry) 36
Robert Simmons, Loveland, OH, (Drawing and Prints) 141
Heather Smotzer, Westlake, OH, (Jewelry) 23
Bill Snyder, Connellsville, PA, (Photography) 130
Elizabeth S Swanson, Scotch Plains, NJ, (Fiber and Leather) 113
Bob and Patti Stern, Moreland Hills, OH, (3D Mixed Media) 150
Michael and Laura Thompson, Aurora, IL, (Glass) 46
Kimberlee Trowbridge, Seville, OH, (Painting) 148
Gail Trunick, Burghill, OH, (Mixed Media) 117 Artist-to-Artist Award
Shelley Vail, Rocky River, OH, (Painting) 82
Ginger Wankewycz, Brooklyn, OH, (Jewelry) 24
Christine Weigand, Peninsula, OH, (Misc.) 132 3rd Prize
Walter Weil, Groveport, OH, (Clay) 97
Jerome T. White, Cleveland, OH, (Hand cut paper) 110
Gary R. Williams, Cleveland, OH, (Mixed Media) 58
Carolyn and Leonard Wilson, McHenry, IL, (Glass) 94
Chuck Wimmer, Brecksville, OH, (Drawing and Print) 16
Kendra Wood, Shaker Heights, OH, (Mixed Media) 108
Donald Woods, Brunswick, OH, (Painting) 152
Deborah Woolfork, Solon, OH, (Jewelry) 76
Ruth Wright, Columbia, MO, (Jewelry) 119 1st Prize
Charlie Yowell, Dunlap, TN, (Mixed Media) 67
Mata Bottum Ziegler, Lakewood, OH, (Painting) 121