Exhibit Location & Artist Parking

  • Exhibits are set up on grassy ground on both sides of a wide, winding, paved Park path. We suggest using indoor/outdoor carpet or Astroturf to achieve smooth flooring and better footing.
  • Booth Space: 10 feet wide; depth depends on location. No double spaces. No electricity is available in booths.
  • We will do our best to comply with specific booth location requests. However, traffic flow, good balance of media, and special health-related needs of exhibitors are the first considerations when assigning spaces. Many spaces will accommodate a normal vehicle behind or close to the booth, but please give us the style and dimensions of your vehicle in order for you to have a parking space within Cain Park. Due to the limited access to your booth, please be aware that it will be impossible for your vehicle to be moved until after the Festival closes each day. We cannot guarantee a parking spot behind your booth.