How to Apply

Application Deadline: March 1, 2018

Please answer every question on the application or it will not be considered.

2 Ways To Apply

Please note: Those accepted will be notified of the payment deadline for the $450 booth fee.

  1. By Email (send an email) with 1) a completed and initialed application (do not include your credit card number on an emailed application because it is not on a secure server), 2) 5 digital images of your artwork (no booth image) attached to the email, 3) payment of non-refundable processing fee of $40 by credit card online through PayPal or by calling Janet Hoffman at 216-291-3669) with your credit card.
  2. By Mail with 1) a completed and signed application, 2) A CD of your 5 digital images, 3) payment by check/money order or credit card of the non-refundable $40 processing fee. Mail to:
    Cain Park Arts Festival
    40 Severance Circle
    Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Digital Image Specifications

  1. Dimensions: 1920 pixels square with black borders masking rectangular images.
  2. File Format: save all 5 images as Baseline Standard JPEG.
  3. File Size: each JPEG must be at least 300 dpi and no larger than 2.0 MB (maximum 10 MB total for email attachment).
  4. Color Space: save images as sRGB.
  5. File Name: include your last name (no studio name) and first initial for staff tracking purposes only.
  6. No booth image needed.

Payment Options

Your application is not considered complete without payment of $40 processing fee.

  1. Write a check / money order payable to City of Cleveland Heights for the non-refundable $40 processing fee (cashed upon receipt).
  2. Pay Online through PayPal with a credit card for the non-refundable $40 processing fee (charged upon receipt).
  3. Pay by Credit Card on your completed application when mailed or call Janet Hoffman with your credit card number: $40 non-refundable processing fee (charged upon receipt).

One art category per application. Those applying in more than one art category must fill out another application and pay another screening fee.

The jury panel consists of three visual arts professionals with evaluating experience. Jury choices are based exclusively on artistic merit as represented on the slides submitted. No geographical, organizational or political criteria are employed in making selections. Every applicant, except the previous year's prize winners, undergoes the same anonymous, critical evaluation by our jury. However, previous year's prize winners still must comply with all other requirements, fees and deadlines.

Artist-Friendly Refund Policy

Artists who've been accepted to the Arts Festival and decide not to participate need to send a written withdrawal request by April 18, 2018 either via snail mail to:
Cain Park Arts Festival
40 Severance Circle
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

Or you can do this by faxing to the attention of Cain Park Arts Festival at 216-291-3705 or by emailing.